Affidavit of Jennifer Nathan

Affidavit of Jennifer Nathan (opens as a PDF in your web browser)

Affirmed November 21, 2018, this document describes Jennifer Nathan’s background in both formal and informal science education.  She has worked as a bio-technician, interpretive naturalist, coordinator of a Scientists in the Schools program and taught high school science and chemistry, including Pre-International Baccalaureate honour students.

For many years she taught the influence of human activity on climate change as described in the BC Science 10 textbook, including general circulation models, enhanced greenhouse effect, impacts on permafrost, sea level rise, spread of disease, water conflicts, deforestation (from increased forest fire risk), decreasing crop yields, sea ice melt, albedo, the global warming potential of various greenhouse gases, the United Nations precautionary principle, global and Canadian action plans and IPCC risk terminology.

Her commitment is to teaching a discipline whose principles rely on the scientific method to provide peer-reviewed, unbiased research. During the past fifteen years she increasingly became aware that public understanding of climate change was being undermined by social and political influences that not only contested but actively worked to subvert the scientific findings, and impeded the adoption of effective climate policy by governments. This has led to her to conclude that evidence-based emissions policies have not been developed in Canada to cope with the peril of climate change and this has created an unacceptable risk to current and future students.