A Further Letter to my Member of Parliament • May 29, 2018

A public letter to my MP, Joyce Murray, written to respond to claims made by Murray, in an email to constituents, that residents of B.C. must accept the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion to the Port of Vancouver because Alberta’ “cooperation” is essential to meet Canada’s emissions target by 2030.

This letter addresses Murray’s specific claim that Alberta’s 100 Mt “cap” on oil sands emissions will contribute to reducing Canada’s emissions and help us meet the 2030 target. The government’s own evidence shows that Alberta’s cap will do nothing to curb the projected 44 Mt increase in the annual level of oil sands emissions between 2015 and 2030. The cap will not slow the rise of oil sands emissions during the next twelve years. Growth of oil sands emissions will cancel out most of the reductions promised by Alberta over the next decade. The result is that the burden of achieving deep emissions cuts in Canada will rest on the other provinces and other industries, whether or not Alberta “co-operates”.  We have no reasonable assurance the other provinces can achieve the deep emissions reductions needed between now and 2030.