Submissions and background

I made a written submission to the Trans Mountain Expansion Project Review of Related Upstream Greenhouse Gas Emissions on June 20, 2016, during the public comment period following publication of the draft report on May 19, 2016. My submission is found at

I also made an oral and written presentation to the Ministerial Panel in Vancouver on August 17, 2016, found at

The Ministerial Panel’s November 1, 2016 report includes a summary of my submission at p. 32:

My professional background is the law. I practiced civil litigation for 35 years in Vancouver at the firm of Alexander, Holburn, Beaudin & Lang, retiring from practice at the end of 2012. In this case, my focus has been on the process followed by upstream emissions review: how the evidence was selected, who participated, the way the assessment framed the question it asked – and the questions it did not ask. The Trans Mountain Expansion Review was not an independent inquiry; it kept no record of its proceedings; it allowed no public or media access; and the evidence it adopted was never subjected to cross-examination or public scrutiny.